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Netflix Binger *Beach goer* Dog lover * Colorer of hair - any color YES * LBGTQ+ Friendly * Serial Killer Aficionado *Lover of Sunflowers * Lucky #13 * FALL * Lobster Please * CAN DO ANYTHING ATTITUDE *that's what she said * Cape Cod Enthusiast * Home Goods Obsessed * WHOLE 30 IS MY LIFE *A little sarcastic * Maker-upper of all sorts of words * Guacamole Aficionado* GIF Lover * Gilligan's Island & Three's Company 4Ever* Almost went to law school debater* Sucker for romantic comedies* TRUE CRIME BINGER * Could watch Tommy Boy and Dumb and Dumber every day * Sweat-er a lot, you'll see soon enough *  SHARK WEEK IS THE BEST WEEK OF SUMMER * ORANGE is the best color *  Dancing to 80's and 90's hair bands * A little bit ninja * a lot bit bad ass*     NOT a Morning Person *  Frequent Yankee Candle Shopper* SOCCER 4 life* Runner 4 life* A FEMINIST *Spartan Finisher*Old School Horror Movie Lover * Bob's Burger and Schitt's Creek Watcher * Believer in Mermaids* 


Heidi Hanso Photography
Heidi Hanson Photography Family

Upbeat Mom and Wife to this crazy crew

Here I am!


BTS Wedding-3.jpg

Fun, happy, a little unorthodox, sometimes silly with lots of CANDIDS!! I love to push the envelope; bring you a little out of your comfort zone. I like being goofy with my couples, making them laugh, and overall just having a blast on their wedding day. Getting to know my couples is the goal - capturing their true emotions; how they interact with each other; sometimes it is serious; hilarious; or giggles as they work out their nervousness and that is funnest part :) . Every wedding day is different and that is what keeps my job super awesome!  We love working with all couples regardless of race, religion and culture. 

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